About Blue Pontoon

Empowering organizations and individuals to enhance their Project Management Mindset through amazing learning resources.

Blue boat on beach

The Story behind Our Name

Lisa-Ann Barnes photo

Lisa-Ann Barnes (PMP, Project+) founded BluePontoon (formerly IreeTec Incorporated) in 1994 to share our team's expertise and passion for project management with companies, teams, and project leaders who were struggling to simply "get the work done". While relaxing on a beach after successfully completing a very complex project, Lisa-Ann was reflecting on how well her project team adapted to unanticipated project changes. She found herself staring at the waves, watching a sailboat – with flashy blue pontoons – navigate the winds to return to shore. It reminded her of her project and how project managers and their teams are always adapting to new situations. This resonated with her because of her belief that when everyone is focused on the project’s desired outcome, success will be achieved – regardless of the unexpected twists and turns that happen naturally along the course of any project.

Lisa-Ann's team-centric values and strongly held beliefs around project management best practices are imbued in the products and services of BluePontoon. Read Lisa-Ann's complete biography.

Our Core Belief:
Everyone needs a productive Project Management Mindset.

A productive Project Management Mindset is how you approach and lead projects in a way that makes the best use of your resources – people, time, funding. With a productive Project Management Mindset, you will achieve your goals, work more effectively, make smarter decisions, and have better work-life balance. You will be able to focus on the work you love to do.

Our Values are the basis for our
interactions, products, and services.

Project management is about people, not documents.

Learning resources should be informed by a blend of theory, best practices, pragmatic application, and current needs. They should have a point of view based on experience and reflect a passion for the subject-matter.
High-quality content can help organizations and individuals do excellent work that moves others forward. This is worth money.
Always be respectful and appreciate the energy, time, and creativity of one another. Be kind and considerate.