Build your Project Management Mindset

We are passionate about improving how projects are managed. We work with you to assess your pain points, identify solutions, and implement changes to how projects are identified, prioritized, planned, and managed.


How We Help

We help you answer these kinds of questions:

  • Why aren’t our projects more successful? What is our organizational maturity around project management?
  • What can we be doing better? Is it strategy, governance, process, people, tools? What are best practices, trends, and technologies that other organizations are applying that may help us?
  • Are we choosing the right projects for the right reasons? Do we have enough people to do the projects we want to do? What information do our leaders need about projects to make decisions?
  • Do the people managing projects have the skills and knowledge they need? Are we training and developing project management skills effectively? What career paths do our project managers have?

Types of Projects We Do

STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: We facilitate the creation of (or updates to) your strategic plan. We help you articulate your desired vision and define your strategic priorites. You will be answer the question of "what projects should we be doing?" Then our project manager instincts take over and we create the roadmap (projects, timeline, investment requirements) to guide your implementation. We work with you to:

  • Develop short-term, mid-range, and long-range strategic plans
  • Create project intake, evaluation, and approval processes
  • Implement governance and stakeholder engagement models
  • Develop resource estimating models and staffing processes

PROJECT MANAGEMENT CAPABILITY IMPROVEMENTS: We use our project management assessment to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. Working with your leadership, we identify what is needed to build your desired Project Management Mindset. We then build a plan to help you build your organization's Project Management Mindset. We do not believe that every organization needs the same type of project management process, templates, or PMO. We leverage what you have to build what you need. And we will help you lead the change throughout your organization. We work with you to:
  • Create, modify, and implement project management and product development methodologies and toolkits
  • Provide expertise for selecting and implementing project management tools
  • Determine the staffing and investment needs to maintain the methodologies and toolkits
  • Establish the scope and responsibilities of the Project Management Office
  • Evaluate and hire project managers
  • Assess, define, and align project management-related role descriptions, competencies, performance appraisal criteria, learning maps, learning objectives, and curricula
  • Develop and support the organizational change management activities required for long-term capability improvements

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: We use our extensive library of project management learning resources to build the program your organization needs. We work with your learning and development team to determine the skills needed, and how best to train, coach, and mentor your organization. We also serve as subject-matter experts to supplement your team during design, development, or delivery phases. We have developed skills development programs:
  • For senior level leaders, project managers, team leaders, and team participants
  • Using classroom formats, such as instructor-led courses, eLearning, blended learning, and webinars
  • Focused on certification preparation
  • That included just-in-time workshops, group mentoring, and one-on-one coaching

PROJECT / PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands. When you do, our consultants provide practical hands-on project / program management to successfully deliver your project / program. We manage projects and programs of various scopes and complexities, including:
  • Short, small, or intense projects
  • Multi-year, enterprise-wide, or global programs
  • High-visibility, mission-critical, or high-complexity projects
  • Process improvement, communication and change management, training development, learning program roll-outs, or information technology implementations
  • Mergers, acquisitions, or other types of transformational projects

Our instructors are consultants, and our consultants are instructors. We approach our projects as just another way to help you improve how your organization has successful projects, project managers, and project teams.